What to do when someone dies

Opening and managing an estate after your loved one dies is daunting. Download our free 20 page resource and learn how estate administrators and executors can handle the process with less anguish.
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What to do when someone dies

Jenna Mendelsohn
A comprehensive guide to knowing what to do next when you lose a loved one:
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No one is ever fully prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions linked to losing a loved one and what’s to follow. If you are reading this and have recently lost a loved one, we offer our sincerest condolences. Regardless of your current situation, we invite you to take some time to view our comprehensive guide, What to do when someone dies.

As a company solely focused on helping people administer and settle the estates of lost loved ones, we understand how challenging it is to remain focused during this time. Completing everyday tasks while grieving is extremely difficult, so just imagine the burden of tackling a mountain of new, overwhelming, and exhausting responsibilities that come with the estate executor role, not to mention the amount of time, energy, and emotion associated with it. At Trustate, we provide a roadmap for what to expect when serving as an estate Executor and bring light to things you may not be aware of.

Generally speaking, people believe that in order to settle an estate, they must first lay out large sums of money and retain an attorney. What many people are not aware of, however, is the need for an attorney is not always necessary when it comes to settling the estate of a loved one. The reason for this is most estate settlement work is actually administrative in nature and does not require hiring a lawyer and shelling out high hourly rates. 

It is not uncommon for an Executor to spend upward of 500 hours over 12-16 months following a loss to settle an estate. Part of our process includes helping determine if you will need an attorney to settle the estate and to settle the state at a fraction of the cost. 

Trustate will help you understand the responsibilities of serving as Executor of an estate and walk you through the entire process. Our goal as a company is to reduce this burden on you from both a time and expense standpoint. Our guide goes into great detail about what your responsibilities will include as well as provides a sense of the types of decisions you will be faced with making. Please download our free comprehensive guide, What to do when someone dies, and click here to schedule an initial consultation.


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