An Unexpected Loss with an Unexpected Experience

What happens when you try to secure property and in turn, it backfires?
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An Unexpected Loss with an Unexpected Experience

Tara Faquir
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On December 20, 2015, I arrived at my grandmother’s house to take her shopping for some last-minute gifts. With Christmas just five days away, I was looking forward to spending quality time with her during this special time of year.

I approached her house only to discover my grandmother passed away a few hours before my arrival. Being the one to find her, and my family living several hours away, I was responsible for notifying everyone. My family from both near and far began working around the clock to prepare for the funeral, which was to take place before Christmas.

In the meantime, as the only relative at her house at the time, I felt responsible for figuring out the next steps to take to secure the house and her belongings. During this particular time of year, theft, or in modern terms “porch piracy” is at an all-time high. With this in mind, I felt it was best to move her car from her driveway and keep it at my house until we could decide our next steps.

Over the next several days, the car remained safe in my driveway, unscathed, and full of charm. At the peak of my exhaustion, a winter storm crept into the area bringing along sizable amounts of snow and extensive winds. Just as vividly as I remember the moments leading up to learning of my grandmother’s passing, so too are the series of events that occurred during this storm. With one giant gust of wind, a huge branch came crashing down, landing directly on my grandmother’s car resulting in a great deal of damage. I thought I was doing the right thing by keeping her possessions safe but, who could predict something like this would happen?

Not knowing what to do, I contacted my grandmother’s insurance company. After speaking with her insurance company, I was relieved to learn that since I reported the damages incurred by the car from the falling limb within the grace period, and her insurance was current, all of the damages would be covered. 


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