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Leah Del Percio and Tara Faquir have long supported each other in their careers. Now they’re cofounders
By Stephen Babcock
Faquir recently joined Trustate to lead operations. Sixteen years after meeting, she and Del Percio are teaming to build a business, and extend a culture of support to others.
Why a DLA Piper Attorney Quit Big Law to Launch an Estate Administration Startup
By Victoria Hudgins
Trust and estate planning are in need of some tech disruption says former Big Law associate Leah Del Percio. She's backing up her market observation with action: Del Percio traded in her associate title at DLA Piper to become a legal tech entrepreneur.
Trustate, a new startup launched by an ex-DLA Piper attorney, is looking to disrupt a key part of an 'inefficient' $194 billion industry...
By Yoonji Han
Leah Del Percio left her BigLaw job to launched Trustate, a startup uses tech to help families and institutions with estate administration.
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Should my Will be kept secret?
Leah Del Percio
When to involve others in your estate planning.
15 Items to Gather After a Loved One Dies
Leah Del Percio
When someone passes away, it is common to feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin. In this post, we break down exactly what items you might need at first to begin opening the estate.
An Unexpected Loss with an Unexpected Experience
Tara Faquir
What happens when you try to secure property and in turn, it backfires?
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