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An Unexpected Loss with an Unexpected Experience
Tara Faquir
What happens when you try to secure property and in turn, it backfires?
In Case You Missed It: What do I do with the car?
Jenna Mendelsohn
We prepared four straightforward guides for handling, distributing, and inheriting a car.
How to sell a car directly from an estate
Jenna Mendelsohn
Learn how to sell a car directly from an estate.
How to distribute a deceased person’s cars to an estate beneficiary or heir when the decedent is the sole owner
Jenna Mendelsohn
Learn how to distribute a car through an estate to a beneficiary.
Lost Car Title? What to do when you can’t find your Certificate of Title for a car owned by an estate
Jenna Mendelsohn
Inheriting a car but can't find the Title? Check out our guide on what to do.
How to Transfer Car Titles to a Surviving Joint Owner
Jenna Mendelsohn
Joint Car Title? In this post, Jenna tells us the best way to transfer a car to the surviving owner.
What to do when someone dies
Jenna Mendelsohn
Opening and managing an estate after your loved one dies is daunting. Download our free 20 page resource and learn how estate administrators and executors can handle the process with less anguish.
Trustate, a new startup launched by an ex-DLA Piper attorney, is looking to disrupt a key part of an 'inefficient' $194 billion industry...
By Yoonji Han
Leah Del Percio left her BigLaw job to launched Trustate, a startup uses tech to help families and institutions with estate administration.
Why a DLA Piper Attorney Quit Big Law to Launch an Estate Administration Startup
By Victoria Hudgins
Trust and estate planning are in need of some tech disruption says former Big Law associate Leah Del Percio. She's backing up her market observation with action: Del Percio traded in her associate title at DLA Piper to become a legal tech entrepreneur.
Mentoring Through Challenging Times: Look for those golden nuggets and have a plan
By Ellen Sherberg
When more than 8,000 women across America met in 42 cities to celebrate Mentoring Monday, they shared advice on how to progress in a much different environment than what we know today.
5 Surprising Facts About Estate Administration
By Leah Del Percio
Settling an estate is a complicated process. Read these 5 facts before you get started to avoid common mistakes.
Leah Del Percio just left DLA Piper to launch an estate settlement startup. Here’s how she knew it was time to go all in
By Stephen Babcock
Working with the executors who are closing out the estate of someone who died, Trustate's platform is "human-driven on the frontend, and then powered by tech on the backend."
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