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Our workforce is completely remote, allowing us to help you anywhere in the United States.

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We settle estates of all sizes quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on coping with your loss.

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We know that losing a loved one is overwhelming. Our aim is to help you navigate these challenging times by providing comprehensive, transparent, and affordable estate administration services.

The average executor devotes more than 500 hours of their own time and $10,000 settling a loved ones’ estate. Those who can afford to do so often seek expensive legal representation, paying high hourly rates for only advice on how to proceed. The reality is that most estate administrations don’t require lawyers or legal fees.  

Our team has decades of experience in estate law, complex tax planning, and social work, and a proven track record of successfully administering hundreds of estates. We’re here to take on your workload, so you can focus on coping with your loss.  

Trustate was created to help executors navigate the complex and stressful process of settling the estate of a loved one, regardless of circumstance. We believe that we are all bound together by a common thread–a sense of helplessness and uncertainty when it comes to the death of a loved one.

We’re here to help you navigate and successfully complete estate administrations, regardless of net worth.

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